Trauma Therapy Counseling

Prayer Ministry

Sacred Heart Center of Hope will provide prevention programs for at-risk parents and caregivers.

  • Triumph over Trauma program treats at-risk parents and caretakers who have untreated trauma.

  • Trauma-focused Parenting Seminars provides practical information and tools to help parents and caretakers who have been affected by childhood trauma and/or are raising children who have experienced adverse conditions.

  • Parent/Caregivers Support Group provides emotional and practical support for at-risk parents and caregivers.

  • Mentorship Program provides clients with loving Christians who can provide support and mentorship in an ongoing way.

  • Collaboration with other agencies helps us direct parents and caretakers to the additional assistance they need. 

Sacred Heart Center of Hope will provide treatment for adults and youth who have suffered from childhood trauma.

Triumph over Trauma is a comprehensive program that treats survivors of complex trauma and has three phases to treatment: 

  1. The first phase includes a comprehensive assessment (see below) and a twelve week trauma therapy program that serves both survivors and family members. ​

  2. The second phase includes individual counseling, support group, and spiritual enrichment designed to integrate and continue the healing and transformation process for the survivors of trauma.

  3. The third phase is designed to stabilize and empower the client by healing and strengthening their various support systems and by providing various life skills training.  In this phase, we collaborate with other partners to provide marriage and family counseling and other life skills and career training.



Other Evidence Based Therapies Available

According to Newberg (2012), since 2000 over four hundred papers have been published each year, and the research consistently shows that religious belief has been positively correlated with better overall health and well-being (p. 68).

  • Professional Excellence with Faith and Prayer: Counselors are trained to integrate faith, prayer, and meditation into the therapeutic process.  

  • Christ’s Companions provides spiritual and emotional support for those seeking deeper healing through individual and group prayer and faith sharing.

  • Prayer:  Eucharistic Chapel for adoration, meditation, and intercession. 

  • Prayer Ministry:  Walk-in sessions and longer scheduled inner healing sessions with trained prayer ministers.

  • Spiritual Enrichment: Talks, retreats, and workshops designed to facilitate ongoing spiritual growth and healing.  

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